Bokjinpa 1

ACI 9 class 9 with Lama John for downloading

Recording 0009 2011-11-22 20-45-09


I will begin teaching a course in October that we feel will be of great benefit for anyone interested in beginning or deepening their meditation practice.

Investigate with us how to use ancient meditation practices to change the course of your life and the world you live in. We will study two ancient and precious texts (Bhavana Krama by Master Kamalashila and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika by Master Swatmarana) that lay out the clear path to inner peace and outer paradise. For many hundreds of years these types of texts were only available to a select number of monks in monasteries. Thanks to the work of a very few precious and highly skilled teachers and translators, we now have direct access to these rare and brilliant spiritual classics. This course was of great benefit to Roisin and me, and in gratitude we would like to pass on the teaching.

The world’s economy is spinning out of control, natural and artificial disasters are threatening our way of life, and we still can’t seem to find enough satisfaction within our personal relationships. Is there something to do about it? What if we could? We explore those questions and many others in pursuit of making our lives and our world a better place to live.
This course is for both new beginners and advanced practitioners. Please bring a cushion, bolster, or pillow to sit on. This is a ten class series to be held Sunday evenings at 6pm. The class is free. Please let us know if you plan on attending.

With meditation teachers Frank Vogt and Roisin Brennan. Starting October 16, 2011 at :

The Edgar Cayce Center 241 West 30th Street 2nd FL, buzz in #102

New York, NY 10001

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