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class 7 meditations:

#1 Breath Meditation: Withdrawing the World

First remember why you are here, by now you have developed your own personal intention that works best for you so just call upon it.
So now put your main focus on your breath and at the same time we will have this peripheral focus of the feeling that we are here at Shanti Yoga.
–Feel the space around you.
Then we are going to narrow our focus a bit,  Drop the outside of this building and just keep the awareness of being inside this building.
–Focusing  in slowly.
Now focus a bit more and just include this room.
–So everyone is clear, we are putting our main focus on our breath but putting our peripheral focus on this room.
Now focus the mind in a little bit further so that perhaps it’s just you and the people right next to you.
Now focus in so that it just your own body that’s on the outside.
–Your focusing on your breath but you are a little bit aware that you are in your body.
Now drop the lower part of your body and you are in your head.
–You are breath and that’s the main focus but you are aware of the rest of your skull.
Then drop that and just have a peripheral awareness of your nose as you focus on a tiny point inside of it.
meditation 2: (class seven)
Getting to a state of dissolving the outer world:
–You have to be very still for this meditation.  Be perfectly still.  Get as comfortable as possible then freeze like statue.
–What we are going to do is make our body totally numb by going from head to toe.

There are 2 parts

1.Picture body hollow inside and fills with a color  like that of the sky – no bones or blood or anything.
–On the outside see outer shape as somehow frozen or no longer able to move.
–Think of body as being in REM sleep when mind sends chemicals to body to prohibit movement so that body doesn’t act our dream.
–See this happening.  Begin at head and freeze head, the shoulders and arms at own rate.
–As you freeze relax into it.  Once you have frozen your whole body and are totally still.
2.Move inward and start to feel some kind of interior motion.
–Picture a red channel luminous where spine usually is running all the way to tip of head down to base of spine.
–Picture it going down through you to the earth and then to the core of the earth.  Then at the top picture it shoots through your head and touches all the way to the north star.
–Then focus on this channel and see if you feel any subtle movement in it.
–The more you focus on it the further away your outside body should get.  Until you have just dissolved the body and you are just this channel.
Ok play with that at home.
Do this last meditation at the very beginning and get used to feeling of utter stillness.  No big sighs or anything.
If you move, the mind will come back to body. It’s helpful for stillness and a seed for other things.
Class 8 meditations:

Meditation:  Why does method create bliss?

This is an analytical meditation.

The scriptures say that the way karma works and the only way to become happy is to serve others- putting your focus on someone else.
We’ve gone through the scriptures. Now we need to look for ourselves why this is the case.
Why, when we focus outside ourselves do we get happiness inside ourselves.
–How does that work karmically?
You can do a test in your mind… think about eating a dinner for yourself compared to cooking a dinner for someone else.
Think about how you feel in each case and think about why that is.
–Then take this to the furthest extreme.
Why is it the case that you get physical and mental total bliss as final result of all the method activities?
What is it about acting within the world of your projections that creates a world of bliss?
Last Step.
Think about one good karma in your life and think about how you caused it.

class 4 meditation:

Meditation: Reinvigorate your preliminaries, through the Kings Preliminaries.

1.Want to become enlightened.
–Start by calling up an almost desperate need to help people and the way we are going to do it through Karma and Emptiness. Want
–Think of good qualities of enlightenment beings and rejoice. Just be happy that they exist. Feel happy that you exist in a place that they exist.
–Think about some good things that you have done and take joy as well. You have the good seeds to see the appearance of you doing it.
3.Make an offering in your mind to the holiest being you can think of.
–Offer Material things. Offer your practice.
–You can even give away your mental afflictions. I abandon them to you.
–Think of the good karma you’ve done. Choose your target.
Like getting to a deep state of meditation, so you are still to see emptiness directly.
Dedicate these practices to that.

tracking your meditation:

1. how long was the meditation? what percentage of the time were you on the object?

2. the quality of the meditation

3. something you learned. simple or profound.

4. resolution about what to do from your meditation



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